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The ECG Sports Card Grading Process

ECG uses a proven, multi-step certification process that is designed to ensure consistency, accuracy and integrity while safeguarding your valuable cards. Explore the key stages of the ECG sports card grading process below.

Currently we can only grade and ProTek Cards that are 2.5in x 3.5in and smaller with a thickness of less then 2mm.

Step 1: Receiving 


When an order is received, It is opened by a secured member of the ECG Staff under security cameras and immediately checked against the submission form. The submission is then entered into our inhouse tracking system allowing you to check on the progress of your order at all times.


Step 2: Verification


Each Sports Card gets a more detailed review to confirm that its description matches the information provided at the time of submission. A unique serial number will then be assigned to each card and will remain with the card for life. Every order is submitted to a highly trained grading specialist who will only know the order by the assigned tracking number, which helps to ensure complete impartiality.


Step 3: Authentication


All cards are stored in a highly secured vault at ECG until ready to be reviewed for authenticity. Once the card is ready to begin grading it will be reviewed to determine its authenticity. At this time if any card authenticity is deemed questionable it will be rejected and not graded.


Step 4: Grading


Card grading at ECG is a group effort. Every card graded will be scanned with the highest technology on the market and will be graded by our proprietary AI Software . This ensures the highest accuracy of grade is received by each card before being added into our proprietary database.


Step 5: Slabbing


After grading, each card will be given a label corresponding with the sport or genre of the card. All labels will have a unique serial number that will match the laser engraved serial number to the ultra clear slab. Multiple security features plus 1st to the market serial number corresponding case and label, guard against counterfeiting and tampering.


Step 6: Quality Control


A ECG Quality Inspector will carefully review and inspect each card, label and holder. Each card is reviewed for accuracy compared to the information on the label, and the slab is checked for any defects or contaminants.


Step 7: Packaging and Shipping


Lastly, Slabbed cards are individually counted and checked against the original submission form. All cards are then securely packed into a sturdy cardboard box with protective packing materials. ECG will not place any logos or other designs on the box to help ensure the security of the shipment. Your ECG order is now ready to be sent back to you with priority shipping and insurance.

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