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Autograph Certification








1 Signature - 1 Item

2-5 Signatures - 1 Item

6-20 Signatures - 1 Item

21+ Signatures - 1 Item

Rush Fees

1-2 Business Days Add $100 per Item

3-5 Business Days Add $50 per Item

Why to use ECG Authentication.

Once your item is checked in you will receive an email to let you know that we have started the process on your order. Once your item is ready for Authentication it will be meticulously looked over and compared to our extensive database of confirmed signatures. Each autograph will be scanned in an eight stage process to confirm the authentication of the ink and the medium that the signature is on. The Item is then also scanned to confirmed it has not been Autopenned or signed buy a 3rd party (ie Secretary). Once the signature is deemed authentic it will be photographed and added to the ECG inventory Catalog. Each item will be labeled with a tamper proof serial number that will match the Letter of Authenticity (LOA)

All decisions are final and will not be refunded if item(s) are deemed to not be authentic or found inconclusive.


Shipping paid on your order is paid at the time of submission $15 = $300 in shipping insurance and $30 = $1000 in shipping insurance. If you feel you need insurance over $1000 please add that with the shipping product tab 

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